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Darcy is the innovative designer behind Stitch + Cloth ecodesigns. She begins by finding and deconstructing garments that speak to her. A very clear design intuition guides her in reconstructing the garment. Always on the lookout for fabulous textiles and garments, only the most exceptional find a place in Darcy's stash and she treasures them for their unique design, fabric, and colour. Natural fibres such as silk, linen and cotton are favourites along with vintage buttons, trims, and closures. She is incessantly discovering new fabric art techniques and enjoys inserting unexpected whimsy into Stitch + Cloth garments that take her designs above and beyond what can be purchased off the rack. A strong attention to detail is important to her and she will not stop until the last stitch lays perfectly.


With finely tuned skills in fashion and interior décor, it is important to Darcy that her clothes are funky, functional, and empowering. Life is to short for boring clothes. She thrives on being surrounded by creative people and trading ideas.  In a studio library full of worldwide fashion magazines along with books on couture including Dior, Valentino, Chanel, and etc, Darcy keeps her creativity high.


As a designer with a lifelong affair with fashion, Darcy is very aware of textile waste in fashion. She has developed ethical studio practices where no scrap goes to waste. Darcy believes it is important to dress and live in a style that showcases her playful, fun and loving spirit and loves to share it with others.


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